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Good Carbs

Great grains - to incorporate into your diet after SMD/KT:
brown rice
whole wheat couscous
Members Suggest:
"I do agree that to completely balance this diet whole grain products would need to be added back in yet would slow down the weight loss. So whoever it was that posted they were close to their goal weight and now considering adding whole grains and rice back in, in moderation, is right on target. This should be the end goal for all of us". -Jill
"I agree about the whole grains and brown rice. However I did not feel that way unil I lost over 50 pounds. Now that I am close to my goal I have added brown rice and whole grain/high protein cereal. I never eat more than one serving per day. I do believe that going without it to begin with allowed me to lose quicker. But now that I'm almost to my goal and I am able to excerise so much I feel I need the extra calories and the fiber helps my bowels too. All in moderation I guess". - Debbie
"Strictly speaking, quinoa wouldn't be allowed in the SMD section (although you might be able to substitute it for the bread in the morning if you decided that would be a good decision for you). But since its a whole grain and has lots of good qualities, its good for KT, or good 'ole everyday eating. You can use it like brown rice. I
supplement my daily good intake with a good amount of whole grains, like quinoa with dinner. Its all about portion size. For a grain, its very
high in protein". -kg