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Bad Carbs

Q. I know that I'm not allowed to use sugar in coffee or tea, or in any servings, but is it alright to sweeten with honey?
A. No, neither sugar, honey, maple syrup, molasses, nor any such sweeteners - all are high in carbohydrates. You may yse noncaloric sugar substitutes.(p.42)
Q.At least once a day I feel that if I don't have something with real sugar, I'll collapse; can you suggest substitutes to satisfy me?
A. It is quite possible that you have conditioned your body to the need for sugar.  I am sure that if you eat some fruit in season - which contains a form of sugar called fructost- this unpleasant symptom will subside.(p.149)

The best aspect to all variations of low carb dieting is the elimination of all forms of sugar and processed flour. We would all be much better off if we rid ourselves of these "white poisons" forever!
Raise your awareness of what you eat by reading ingredient labels and nutritional information whenever possible. Most products have this information posted on the internet as well.

Members Suggest:
"I had this [headache] when I first started and the headache lasted 2 days. Took some Tylenol and went away. I
think it may be related to the lack of processed sugar
you are no longer receiving. Eat the fruits and
vegetables and should start feeling better by the
third day, at least that is what I experienced. I am
now on my 2nd week of SMD and have lost 23 total
pounds. Good Luck" -Richard
"I did the low-carb in the past, I made my best progress, though I fell off and got back on the cake and pie. I am so fat and have hypertension, and I believe hyperinsulinism too. The plan I have set up, I call the "NBC" Diet, or "no bad carbs" Diet. I made a list of the worst carbs, that I simply will not eat; flour, sugar, potatoes, corn, fruit, grains, milk." -Tesh