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"The Scarsdale Medical Diet is LOW fat, LOW carbohydrates, and consequently LOW in caloric content, not NO fat, NO carbohydrates. The person in normal health gets enough complex carbohydrates in the vegetables and fruits on the diet for safe eating. He burns his own excess fat to provide the added energy while reducing."(p.37)
"The foods allowed on the SMD provide what has proved to be an effective combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The combination of foods you eat daily on the Diet causes increased body fat metabolism and the production of ketones, but not at more than a desireable level for the average adult in normal health."

Since the Scarsdale Diet is mildly ketogenic and low carb, it makes for a very effective transition for dieters finishing up or about to begin the popular Atkins or South Beach low-carb diets.

However, since Scarsdale is also very low-fat compared to these plans, it is best to re-encorporate oils into the daily menus slowly for a few days before increasing them in order to avoid regaining any weight loss.