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Benefits of Supplements

"You won't develop any vitamin or mineral deficiency in two weeks, even on a starvation diet, but the SMD happens to provide plenty of nutrients".
Member Comments:

"I have been on this diet both with and without vitamins, and I find that I not only FEEL 1000% better, but seem to lose weight faster, and not feel any cravings when I take vitamin supplements.
The philosophy behind it is that if you satisfy your bodys nutritional
needs, then it has nothing to crave...So after lunch, when I've had some sort of protein, I take one of each:
Muti-vitamin & mineral w/ iron, time release C-1000, B complex,
"Keep Trim allows skim Milk...I have 1% cow's milk for my
husband, but now I like the Soy better! "
"I also take a Calcium supplement three times a day--as well as a multivitamin."
"I Use Spinach leaves instead of lettuce in all my salads for added iron and calcium"
"Cheese is a good calcium source too...and I do love my cheese. Couldn't do the KT w/o it!!!"