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Switching Meals

Swapping Meals & Menus

Q: Can I shift the lunch menu to dinner, and dinner to lunch, etc?
A: Once you begin to make changes, the chink in the wall is there, and the next chink is easier to make. Switch only if circumstances and common sense dictate it. And perhaps I should add, good manners, as well. I was told about a woman who insisted that her hostess defrost a steak for her because Sunday dinner on my Scarsdale Diet says plenty of broiled steak. I hope she wasnt one of my patients.(p.31)

Q: If I eat less on a Monday than specified on the Diet listing, can I add to Tuesdays menu what I left out on Monday?
A :Its best not to increase any days eating. Your aim is to lose weight, not play games. Eat only as much as you want at each meal.(p.36)

Q: Can I make up servings of my own recipes as long as I use the ingredients and foods listed for the meal, and dont add any fats and foods not specified?
A: Yes, but be careful to observe the basic SMD rules.By all means, use your culinary know how and ingenuity. It will add to the joy of weight reduction.(p.42)
Q: On my second round on the SMD, when I substitute the Gourmet, Money -Saver, Vegetarian and International Diets, can I alternate days one to the other if I wish?
A: "Yes, but always subsitute the same day-for example, Vegetarian Monday for Gourmet Monday, and so on." (p.152)
Q: Lunch on your Wednesday Diet menu calls for tunafish. Is it all right if I cut up the carrots and celery and mix them in with the tuna fish?
A:"A woman called from Canada to ask this question and I have had similar ones from Cleveland, Washington and Scarsdale. It sounds simplistic but it isn't. It springs from a misinterpretation of certain newspaper articles about the Scarsdale Medical Diet which led some people to beleive that any slight alteration would destroy the "chemistry" of the Diet. The Scarsdale Medical Diet contains a carefully selected, sound effective combination of protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Its unique quality lies in the fact that it is basically simple to follow; you are not hungry while dieting and you lose weight. But the Diet is not alchemy-mix two parts zucchini, one part heart of toad, a dash of tuna fish- and presto, dietary gold! It is a good combination of healthful foods, a "just right" combination, if you will, but it is not a chemical formula. Putting the carrots and celery in with the tuna fish is of no consequence."(p.139)