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What is "Broiling?"
"Broiling is simply a cooking method. When you "broil" something, the best way to accomplish this is to place your meat on a wire rack (on top of a cookie sheet) and set your oven to "broil". All this basically means is the heat is coming from the top, rather than the bottom of your oven. If you place the meat on a rack, then any of the fat in the meat drips off when cooked from above. Works particularily good for hamburger (although I still pat them off with
paper towels) and chicken (if you don't overcook it!), but for steak, I find it makes it very tough (I could be doing it wrong, but I prefer B.B.Q'ing my steak if possible). I believe roast beef would be an acceptable is the same meat, just in a different form. If you cook it without any fats, pick a lean cut and remove all the fat from any piece you eat, I would think you would be fine! Amanda

Favorite Gadgets & Appliances
"I bought a George Foreman grill a couple of months ago. It's being well used on this diet. I've cooked all my meat and fish in it. Tonight I had a lovely salmon steak, I think it was the nicest I've had. With a huge plate of salad I'm feeling quite full"". -Chris
"My George Foreman has been my best friend on this diet!! No need to add fat and the excess drips off nicely!" - Octavia 
"I have been using my Turbo Cooker. I don't have a George Foreman grill. Might look into getting one. I like my Turbo Cooker because I can cook my meat in the bottom and steam my veggies on the rack. One pan, less clean up. " - Shirley