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Feeling Tired?

Some Quick Pick Me Up Ideas

Members Suggest:
"Re: your tiredness. One thing I'd suggest is to actually chart the calories you consume per day to see if you're really consuming enough to keep your body moving along happily."-kg
"I felt really tired at the beginning. At the suggestion of a friend, I started taking a multivitamin each day with lunch. It has worked wonders. I don't feel tired anymore! And I have plenty of energy for the workouts I've designed for myself. I've been taking "One A Day" Women's multivitamin. Maybe it would help you feel better too? Plus, the extra calcium should help the weight loss, I've heard...Hope this helps" -Kim
Q:"Hello everyone. Anyone know how to avoid the mid afternoon
crash? Usually around 3 pm like clock work I feel so tired and ready to eat everything I can get my hands on. Before the SMD I would have gotten a piece of candy or a Red Bull to get me over it but can't do that now. Thanks"
"Try a hot cup of tea or coffee. That works for me...I have the same trouble. If not, carrots or celery can do the trick! I also try to make dinner around 4:30pm, the dinners usually hold me til bedtime and then I sleep the hunger away!" - Octavia 
"Depending on your schedule...this may be a good point to do a short relaxing
walk!" -Nancy

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