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Answers to questions asked again and again and again...

Member suggestions from SMD Help
Note: The information on the site that is written in blue colored
lettering is NOT from the Scarsdale Medical Diet book, rather it is suggested information from other members. Only what is written in black is "official" SMD info and excerpts from the paperback by Dr H. Tarnower. Try to get yourself a copy on Amazon to avoid any confusion.

On Mondays for dinner it states combination salads, as many greens and vegetables as you wish. Can I have cooked green veggies rather than a salad? Can I have "both" a salad and a cooked veggie?
Yes, and yes.

With Monday dinner, is this a whole grapefruit???????????
There is no portion indicated, have as much as you like until you are satisfied, not stuffed, whether that is half or a whole, or more.
Is turkey pastrami permitted on the cold cut lunch?
Technically yes, but you should avoid all processed meats because they are high in chemical additives and sodium. Better choices would be cold slices of roast chicken and turkey.
Can tuna be substitued for cold cut lunch, I absolutely hate coldcuts and was gagging through my lunch today and ended up eating 2 slices of coldcuts only.
Yes, if it is a lighter fat variety, like chunk light, and packed in water (this is lower in mercury than albacore, too).
Tues dinner: the wording is a bit strange, is it tomatoes, lettuce, celery, olives and brussel sprouts OR...  tomatoes, lettuce, celery,olives, and cucumbers?
This is definitely confusing.  Due to the similarity with Sunday's dinner menu, it is probably meant to be a salad of tomatoes, lettuce, celery, olives & cucumbers, AND/OR Brussels Sprouts. Just remember not to eat more than 4 olives.

Would someone kindly clarify Wed. lunch 'tuna fish or salmon salad' for me? Does that mean the fish and a salad or is tuna/salmon with a lemon and vinegar dressing simply called 'a tuna salad'?
You can use a can of water-packed or fresh tuna or salmon, and serve atop a bed of lettuce with diced cucumber, red onion, shredded carrot, sliced tomato, chopped celery, and parsley or dill. Mix in a little red wine vinegar and dijon mustard and you'll have a delicious and magnificent tuna or salmon salad! There is also a recipe for a Supreme Salad on the Fish/Shellfish Link.

My questions are: I'm allergic to fish and I don't eat any red meat. Can I substitute chicken for the red meat and fish? Will the diet still work?
You can replace fish or meat with any other lean protein (fish, chicken, turkey, lean beef, soy "fake meat" substitute or tofu.)
Please refer to the website for other substitution info.

Is soy milk in moderation is allowed? I see it is very low in carbs and I find it really hard to have tea and coffee without a bit of milk.
Some people have enjoyed some lowfat, unsweetened soy milk in their coffee or tea, and still lost weight, but your mileage may vary. Technically it is not on the SMD, as it probably did not exist at the time it was written.
Is there anything one can eat when you have a craving for something sweet?  I see even pure fruit spread with no sugar is loaded with carbs so presumably that is out?
Try picking up some stevia (a non-caloric natural sweetener) can use it to sweeten up your fruit now and then and make it a real sweet treat! Sugar free fruit spreads and jello desserts are allowed on the Keep Trim weeks.
On the keep trim/fit for life diet, is oatmeal allowed? if so please could you specify the amount allowed?
On Keep Trim you may enjoy single servings of whole grains as an alternative to protein toast. One serving is generally 1/4 to 1/2 cup, check online for nutritional information.
Does the diet rely on an order of days - ie Can I swap a Monday for a Tuesday? And is it possible to eat your "lunch" in the evening and "dinner"
at lunchtime?

The diet is flexible to the point that you remain on the diet. Try to follow it as written, but if life necessitates you make another selection from another day or another meal, then do so, rather than throwing in the towel. Switching meals between alternative diet plans is permitted, but it is suggested you finish out two full weeks on the 'classic' SMD first.
I am new on the diet and on Fri for lunch it says 1 slice of bread. it also says i slice for dinner. I am confused because you also have one slice with breakfast.  this makes 3 slices for the day...???  I thought you could  not have more than 2.????
Yes, you read correctly, and yes, the basic rules do state no more than 2 slices of bread a day, so this does seem a bit contradicting and confusing!
But you know what? If it still works, I'll take the extra bread without complaints! Try using it in different ways, too.... Making a "spinach pizza" for lunch..using it to bread your fish for dinner...or as croutons added to your salad.