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Success Stories!

Our members share their ups and downs

Start weight: 244 pounds
Current weight: 147 pounds
Start size: 20/22
Current size: 6

"...I started SMD 2 weeks before Thanksgiving and
continued all through the holidays through the 4th of
July when I pretty much stayed on maintenance (but
still lost weight) since this summer. I went through
Thanksgiving, Christmas, my son's birthday, New Years,
Valentines Day, my birthday, Easter, Mother's Day,
various birthday parties, 4th of July, etc. I mention
this because if you think about it, there is a "food"
holiday nearly every month!"

"... once I put my mind to it, it
wasn't difficult at all. The difficult part was
putting my mind to it! After many failed attempts to
lose weight, I finally reached the point where I was
ready and committed to the program. Once I made the
"real" commitment, I didn't struggle as I had done in
the past. I say "real" because I knew my previous
commitments really weren't true. Somehow I just knew
this time was different. A year later, nearly 100
pounds gone, obviously it was different this time.

First and foremost, get yourself prepared. Prepare
your home, get rid of temptations, have your food
ready, have your meals planned in advance, have
lunch's available, clear your social calender. That
is key.

Although this is a more challenging time of year to
start, at least you're getting a headstart on the New
Year. Christmas food, Christmas parties, etc... will
be here next year. I pretty passed up those
celebrations last year and never missed it.

Now I look at holidays differently. My son's birthday
was yesterday. The plan was pizza for dinner, but to
be honest, pizza is a bit too greasy for me now. I
ate some chicken before the guests arrived. When I
served the pizza and no one even realized I wasn't
eating it. I had 2 cups of coffee w/creamer, tasted
like dessert to me. I passed on the cake, no big
deal, cake isn't that important to me. I just enjoyed
the company, enjoyed watching my son open his
presents, enjoyed my coffee, and just had a great
time. I got through the party with maybe 200 calories
consumed and just had fun chatting and playing."

"...I actually got fully tested before I started the diet.
I was tested a year later and all my numbers were
MUCH MUCH LOWER then before I started. I was going to
be placed on heart medication when I was first tested.
I didn't want to go that route, so I put this diet
into effect, added exercise - and my blood pressure is
now perfect.

Even though there is protien in the diet, it's low fat
protien. And with the added fruit and bread, unless
you have a genetic tendency towards certain ailments,
the diet shouldn't pose any problems for you. None of
us on this site are doctors, so you should always
refer to your doctor for your specific health
questions, but personally, I experienced a huge
positive change in my overall health.

The original diet included the bread, I ate the bread
when I was on the diet, I think it's important to eat
the bread for the added fiber.

Good luck to you. I'm a SMD believer. I've lost
close to 100 pounds in the past 18 months and I've
never felt OR LOOKED better!!"

- Sherie

"I've had the best results on SMD. When I was in my 20s I lost 20lbs in two weeks. Unfortunately, I don't have the will power I once had". - Lee

I am down to my desired weight. Wow! I lost twenty five pounds. I think this diet works well because of the two weeks on / two weeks off thing. I feel so much better. Folks notice, too. So, it's time to stop, because seeing shed pounds on the scale every day was getting a little addictive. Don't want to lose any more. Will be going on KT for two more weeks to lock in the weight loss.
I recommend this diet highly. If you follow it as best as possible to the T, you will lose, and you will feel healthier, because there is no junk going in. None. It's all good stuff.
For the first two rounds I didn't really follow it strictly, and so had some ups and
downs, but it was a good thing because that meant an all around slower, steadier loss. (10 weeks, 25 lbs, which was about two and a half solid, OFF pounds per week.)
During KT, I jogged, did light weights, and gained some muscle. During SMD, I walked about 2 miles a day. I fit into a size six (not the pre-quitting smoking 3/4 I
once was, but hey, who wants to look like a heroin user, anyhow?) and
I don't drink anywhere NEAR the alcohol I used to, which saves a lot of cash. I like it!
Anyhow, I just wanted to post to thank you all for being here".- Anj

Let me share my experience: First two weeks I lost 10 pounds, It took another three weeks to lose another 10 pounds. Then it took a month to lose another 8 pounds. The next month I lost 12 pounds. The last two months I lost 8 pounds per month for a total of 5 months and 56 pounds. At the time it seemed like it took forever but looking back now I can say, WOW, 56 pounds in 5 months! I have 20 more to go, and if it takes 3 months that will be fine with me, at least I'm heading in the right direction. Don't give up just because it's not coming off fast enough, it will come off! - Debbie
In the last 2 years I have lost a little more than 110 pounds. I have been alternating between the Atkins diet, the Scarsdale diet and occasionally Suzanne Somers her recipes are incredible! I find that the Scarsdale diet requires more discipline because you are required to eat specific foods for every meal. I have found that Atkins works very fast, but I can occasionally get into trouble because of the larger array of food choices. I also have found that if I eat the low carb products on the market such as Atkins bars and icecream I run into trouble. Both diets work on the same principle that you lower your carbs until you get into ketosis. Atkins does that faster if you stick to induction and don't eat the processed foods. I think I tend to lose more weight when I do Scarsdale because I think I eat less calories. Both diets are great. I have 19 more pounds to go and plan to do 2 weeks of scarsdale and then 2 weeks of atkins until I get to my goal. In my opinion the beauty between alternating between the 2 diets is that your body doesn't get completely used to one or the other. It also alleviates boredom. I think that the body can actually "plan" for how many carbs and calories it gets and it is beneficial to shake up the routine both by occasionally eating MORE calories and the difference in the level of carbs between the two diets. I hope this helps!" -Karen

At 19, I was just under 5'2" and over 153 lbs. A pound bag of peanut M&Ms and a quart of chocolate milk every night will do that to a person.  I say over, because I didn't weigh myself until I had already been on the SMD for 3 days.

During the first two weeks, I got down to about 133 lbs. I discovered I had hip bones. Never knew they were there before.

After two weeks of KT eating, I was down to about 126. Another two weeks on the SMD and another 11 lbs came off ( I still have the weight chart somewhere). Then a stall. Nothing. Not a single pound came off for the next six weeks, despite being on the diet for the last 2 of them. I stuck with KT eating because I literally couldn't figure out what else to do and started my junior year in college. Before I knew it, I was down to 105 lbs. Maybe it took another month or 6 weeks. Nearly 50 lbs lost in total.

That was 25 years ago. During that time, I stayed between 105 and 110, except for the time that I was pregnant, and except for right now. I've let the snacks get out of control, so I'm back on the SMD and doing very well (Today is Thursday of week 1 and I've lost about 5 lbs of the 10-12 I want to lose). It was the Drake's apple pies that killed me this time instead of the candy.

The SMD changed my life, and that is no exaggeration. No one can believe that I was ever that heavy. It changed the way that I looked at food. I still find myself remembering the order NOT to have bread before dinner at a restaurant (bread and water? what's that all about? prison fare?). It actually feels great to be eating so well again. 

Hi everyone... your stories are so inspiring - its really amazing how we all go through the same thing, no matter what part of the world we come from, isn't it? I've used this diet with incredible success several times - after college I lost about 30 pounds, and found the "4 pound limit" idea to be the best long term tool in the book. I did it again after my 3 kids were born and easily lost another 42 at an average of 3 pounds per week. I discovered that I ate breakfast SMD-style for the rest of my life, but after 20 years of marriage, I also found that I really knew how to put on a terrific wine and cheese buffet for friends, and I did it twice every weekend for more than a decade! Now, I have jeans in sizes 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and up to XL overalls! We just put a pool in the backyard last year, and at 212 pounds, I only went in after dark, although we kept having fabulous pool parties every weekend. I promised myself it wouldn't be that way this year, but last week I weighed in at... 212 pounds again! Something snapped, and I returned to the SMD with a determination I haven't felt in years. I've been on for only 4 days, I've lost 4 pounds, only a mere 68 to go! I'll check back with you all on a regular basis... and I'm going to make a public commitment right now that, with 72 pounds to lose overall, I should be celebrating my metamorphosis in 24 weeks, which is November 2004. That's exactly when my husband is going to book our tickets for a Mexican cruise, and it's going to be like a dream come true to not hide behind my kids whenever the camera comes out!

Hello everybody :
I just wanted to share some thoughts and experiences since I am in this diet. In the beginning it was hard, I was taking medication that
was making the weight loss a bit of a challenge... Because of that medication, I was having periods every 2 weeks :( and the weight wasnt coming off as fast as I fact. it wasnt coming off at all. I was around 185 pounds then.
I also was a bit stressed, had to go to the hospital for some tests I had a lumbar puncture that went a bit wrong and well, that didnt help neither. For about 10 days nothing happened. I was following the diet but couldnt lose anything. As I mentioned before, I had a lot of support
around me ( and a lot coming from people in this forum) and I didnt give up.
Today, 2 months and a week later, I am 155 pounds, still have more to lose, but hey, I feel so good and so proud of myself! Not giving up just encourages me more to stick to the diet till I lose another 15/20 pounds. For all of you who are having a hard time with the scales, not seeing the weigh coming off as quickly as you want, just a simple message: DONT GIVE UP!! Talk to the people here in the
forum, share your experiences, shout and cry if you want but stick to the diet, it will work out just great at the end of it :) Good luck everybody ! And stay positive!
- Monica

"Dear all, I am happy to tell everybody that I reached my goal of 118 lbs (I am 5'3''). I am so happy. I did 3 weeks of Atkins, but a low fat version of it , and I lost 17
lbs. Then I did a sort of keep trim-Atkins for 2 weeks and I kept my weight, then 1 week of Scarsdale ( I wanted to safely reintroduce good carbs, like fruit, more vegetables, whole bread and cottage cheese), and I lost 5 lbs. A total of 22. I feel very good and look great in my size 2 clothes. If this can be of any help to anybody, I found that a low fat version of Atkins at the beginning was suiting me more ( I had a lot of days out of home and could not garantee those fixed menues). Then I wanted safely go back to good carbs,( beside I need some changes to stay motivated...) and went on my beloved Scarsdale.
If I can say my 2 cents worth idea, there is an intelligent way of doing Atkins that is very very close to Scarsdale. For sure, our knowledge about good fats, bad fats has increased since the time Dr. Atkins wrote his book. Beside, also in his book the very strict fase, the one that limits vegetables and cuts fruit, is only for 2 weeks.
After that he reintroduces whole grain, fruit and more vegetables.
Anyhow, I am very happy. The best thing is that I got rid of that incontrollable desire for carbs that was obsessive, made me think of food the all day long. If you remember, when I joined the group I was talking of my compulsion to eat and I felt like I had an eating disorder. I feel so much in controll now. Sometimes I indulged, during those 2 weeks, but nothing like those terribile crazy eating
explosions of the past. And probably because not too much sugar had enter my blood, the following day I was back on a diet with no problem. In the past, the day after was an unbearable sense of failure plus incontrollable cravings, that would push me to binge again.Good luck to everybody
- I.S.

HI, I'm 41 years old, 5'7 and weighed 261lbs in October 2004. Now I weigh 206 - lost 55lbs. My goal is to weigh arround 175 lbs.
It's becoming a struggle to stay on the diet. In the beginning of April I plateaued and since we went on a vacation for a week I decided to take a break and eat regularly (anything that I liked). Monday after vacation I had deceided to go on the SMD again and in one week I lost the 6 lbs that I had gained.
I made a decision last year to go on the SMD because I know that I can lose weight (a lot and in a relativly short time) with this diet. I don't say that it is the ultimate way of staying slim but it is practical because you
can plan your meals ahead and if you just eat enough you don't get hungry. By that I mean that I find it essential not to become so hungry that you can't control you eating and therefor I eat a bag of vegetables (I'm not very fond of it but make myself eat them) every day - that way I don't feel hungry all the time and lose control and eat the wrong food.
I use SMD to lose weight because I failed to do what I really should do - change my habits, eat less food, eat the right kind of food, stay away from sugar, fat and white flour and excercise more. The best thing for you body -
if you have a lot of overweight - in my opionion is to loose slowly 2-6lbs a month. I find this impossible so my plan is to loose down to my goal with SMD, then live by the Montignac method: "You can eat anything but not all
the time", and if I fail to stay trim I will go on the SMD until I have lost to my goal 175 lbs.
I think SMD is good for me and I don't lose patience because I know that if I stay relatively close to the SMD-plan I do loose weight. I feel well, but then I also listen to my body and when it over and over again says to me: I
want carbohydrates - I take a break with a set date to go on it again. It happens once every 3 months (I figure).
SMD works for me! - ani

Hi, everybody,
even if I have not posted anything lately, I have been keeping
reading your messages. I want to wish good luck to all of you and
repeat that if it has been possible for me, it is possible for
I have reached my goal weight for the first time in my life about a
month ago (115 lbs, 5'3", "on a diet' or "in state of breaking the
diet" since I was 14, I am now 39 and in the last 6 years I had 4
kids). I found myself buying clothes size 2. I have lost 30 lbs. I
feel happy and ...relaxed : for the first time I don't feel in
tension to reach something that is not there...
And I have succeded in keeping the weight at 115 for this entire
month: in the past I have never been the same weight for more than 3
days: up and down and never at goal.
I am a compulsive overeater: It's more difficult for me to eat only a
square of chocolate than not to touch it at all.
For me moderation is very difficult. So this is my way: I plan in
advance the day in which I eat "bad" food, and for the rest I stick
to the diet. But the joy of wearing my beautiful new clothes and my
jeans (I had never had jeans before), makes me go back to be good.
And I keep exercising every day.
Good luck again

Well, end of next week I'll have been on this diet for 12 weeks and
I'm pretty sure by then I'll have lost around 30 pounds (at 26 now). I
gotta say, I really can't believe it. This would have taken me 6-9
months on Weight Watchers.

I've been on (unplanned) KT more weeks than I should have (mostly from
overindulging in wine or bites of birthday desserts, which I don't
even like), but I'm thrilled with losing around 10 lbs a month anyway!
There have been lots of plateaus and even a few gains, so all I can
say to those who've been gaining is please try to stick it out! I know
those times are so frustrating, and no amount of encouragement can
really cheer you up until the scale finally moves downward.

What's really surprising is I haven't even missed my beloved pasta,
beans and tortillas. I'm still in shock about this. I don't even want
to go back to "normal" eating. I like my diet of steak and seafood and
lots of great fruits and veggies. Today I made a beautiful grilled
chicken salad for lunch with fresh butter lettuce, apricot slices, a
few nuts and white balsamic vinegar dressing. Beats fast food any day...

Well, thanks everyone for all the advice and encouragement. Got 24 lbs
to goal now.


Well I got back from Sardinia this weekend and expected the worst,

...but to my suprise I was the same weight as the day we left!!! as
this is our KT weeks this is OK.

Thought we had really gone to town but on reflection we made
healthy, low fat choices... most... of the time.  We spent a lot of
time exploring etc so lots of walking as well which is bound to have

Any way back to it now and as I didn't gain I can look forward to my
2nd week of KT before back on a week today.

- Caroline

"Hi everyone, it seems everyone is doing so well. Hello, to all the
new people here!! I am on my third week of SMD. I have lost 9 lbs. It
could have been more but I slipped a bit. I'm back on track now and
heading for summer! When I get a craving for something sweet I have a
diet pepsi. It seems to do the trick for me. Ben, about the gym thing
my husband had a shoulder injury at work and decided in order to be
able to make it to retirement without causing permanent damage he
neede to build strength. He found in the classifieds a weight bench
and some used weights and bought the weight lifting for dummies book
and has had really great success with doing this. Something you could
think about. I just have to say I feel so much better without all the
starches and am actually enjoying comming up with new ways to add
interest to my meals. Talk to you all soon!!"- Angela 

Hey everyone!

I have been doing the SMD on and off for about four years now and it has worked great. The first time was when I weighed 190+ after high school and I got down to 149 lbs before I was happy. Then I met a hottie, got married and had two kids--ended up gaining alot of weight with baby #2. I topped out at 234 lbs! Back on SMD and lost 100+ to 133lbs!! Lower than I was in high school. I gained a few over the holidays and am back on it to lose the four
lbs I gained, but this diet is great. ......

As of today, I am back at lowest since freshman year in High School. Still not in bikini shape though--maybe the pilates will help with the tummy. Two kids really do nasty things to our midsections, don't they? Anyway, the question was, how long have I sustained my weight? Well, I have held steady between 133 and 138 for almost a year now. But this was the second time I have used the SMD to lose lots of weight. The first was in 1998 when I was around 190+, and after watching my weight shoot up in college, I decided to make a lifestyle change. My mom gave me the book, and then I lost most of the weight (down to 149 lbs). I started swing dancing and met my husband taking lessons, we got married and had two kids--during which time I gained it all back and then some--topped out at 234!! Having the baby and waiting 6 weeks knocked it down to 200, but I went on the diet and w/in 5 months I was at 133. I have gone on and off the diet as needed for when I indulge my pasta cravings and my sweet tooth. The pounds jump right back on if you aren't very careful. You can get away with a small sundae after a long
bike ride w/o worry. But not 1/4 a cake with ice cream!!!
(Birthdays, what can I say?) I learned THAT the hard way.

However, the only time I cheated during my reduction phase was movie
popcorn about three times in the 5 months...and then I skipped either lunch or dinner and had no butter on it. (I don't recommend doing this, but I did not gain any weight when I did, I may be lucky when it comes to popcorn!) Other than that I stayed within his guidelines. You can have alcohol if you must, but wouldn't you rather use those calories on something more tasty? Just stay within the one drink limit per day--one glass of wine or lite beer. I am
not really much of a drinker, so I can't help out alot here.

As for extra portions, I don't know what you mean--snacks or what?
You aren't limited really by the SMD or keep trim with portions (expect for bread and eggs and some veggies and beans) SO long as you obey the No-No list, and don't stuff yourself to the breaking point--you will still lose, just not as fast as the SMD. If you are going to add, and veggies--they will fill you up and are good for you, and you lose great is that?

....I had access to this diet for three years before I really decided to "do" it. I sort of tried it for a few days and felt tired and saw my best friend stuffing her face with candy and not gaining a pound. Hate those girls with fast metabolisms! Anyway, I gave up and shelved it for awhile. In the meantime, I gained another 25 lbs! One day, I saw the movie "Titanic" and I liked it, as many did. I thought Kate Winslet was just beautiful. Anyway, a few weeks after it came out, someone came into the store where I worked and said I looked just like the girl from Titanic (and not the Titanic itself!!) I thought to myself, "Gosh, she isn't that skinny...maybe if I lost just a little weight I could be as pretty as she is." That was in February 1998. I decided to try to lose as much as I could so I could dress up as "Rose" for Halloween. I got out the book and started with day 1. I didn't cheat once those first two weeks and lost 20 lbs. I started getting more and more compliments. I saw Titanic a few more times in the theatre, and people kept looking at me and coming up to me asking if I knew who I looked like. That gave me even more encouragement. By the time summer hit, I bought a new bathing suit and started to have guys asking me out all the time. This was weird for me as I was in a bit of a dry spell since college. I started doing more social things and starting swing dancing--then I met my current husband.

Cut to the most recent time, after the two kids--that was easier, because I knew the results I could get. I knew I could lose the weight quickly and I couldn't wait to fit into my "skinny" pants! Anyway, that's what motivated me. I was tired of being a wallflower, tired of sitting home alone at night, and tired of eating raw cookie dough from the tube! I decided I would rather look good and feel good than enjoy what I ate. It was THE best decision I have ever made. It is worth every passed up cookie and ice cream sundae. It is worth every hefted dumbell. You will look in the mirror and not cringe at yourself. And I must say, the sex life does improve if you care about such things! ;-) Hope that inspires you a bit! Everyone has their own thing though. When you are ready, you will do it. It is never ever easy though--and it's an everyday battle. Hope that helps...

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