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Lifetime Keep-Slim

Maintenance Program

When you have reached the healthy, slim, trim weight you want to acheive, you will have begun to develop the good eating habits that can keep you trim for a lifetime. Following the general Keep-Trim Program, you can be your own guide and enjoy the foods and beverages of your choice within the sensible guidelines setup. Of course, you will have to observe moderation always.(p.23)

There is no more useful ritual to add to your personal health program than a daily weighing-in.
For cardiac patients it is essential; for the rest of us it is extremely helpful. Weigh yourself, a la mode, every morning; if you do it with clothes on, you begin to kid yourself that the extra pound and a half is really your shirt or blouse. Any time that your scale hits four pounds over your desired weight, reach for SMD-quickly. Stay on it until the four pounds are gone. It shouldnt take a week.(p.23)

Members Suggest:
While using the Keep Trim Basic Rules as your guideline, you can incorporate certain healthful foods, such as  whole grains, beans, and olive oil back into your diet. You should make lifetime choices to swear off white bread and pasta, and always choose whole wheat pasta, and whole grain breads instead.
Read all ingredients and avoid processed foods.
Eliminate sweets from your daily diet and save them for special occasions only.
Incorporate regular exercise into your life, by participating in an activity you enjoy, and keeping busy and active.