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Meat & Poultry

Meat at any meal can be substituted for chicken, turkey, fish, shellfish or veggie protein (see list).
All meat should be very lean; remove all visible fat before eating.
Dont eat sausage, bologna, salami, fatty meats or bacon fat.
Q: Just what do you mean by "assorted cold cuts" as listed for the Monday lunch?
A. Choose your own assortment of cold meats, chicken, turkey, even cold fish. Some possiblities are cold beef, lamb, veal, lean ham - but always with all visible fat removed. Avoid processed meats such as bologna and salami.
Q: When I eat cold cuts, roast lamb, chicken, and turkey, as listed in the Diet menus, is there a specific limit to the size of the portions?
A: No, but be sure to trim off all visible fat and skin before eating.  And, I can't say it too often - use your good sense and don't overload your stomach!
When the diet refers to broiled, lean hamburger this means a grilled patty of lean ground or chopped beef, not ham.
*For the leanest patties, have your butcher freshly grind a lean cut of beef rather than buying them prepackaged.
Q: When you list steak on the menu, should that be a particular type of steak, such as sirloin?
A: Any type of lean steak is fine - sirloin, porterhouse, filet, London Broil. And the truth is that your lower-cost cuts are even better from a dieting standpoint, because they aren't "marbelized" with fat. Round steak, chuck, even a good old-fashioned pot roast will do very well. Proper marinating can make the less expensive cuts very palatable. [See the recipe link for excellent marinades.] Just remember that all visible fat must be trimmed off. (When you eat leftover steak or other meats, such as "cold cuts," you will usually find additional fat to trim.)
Can be substituted with lean beef, chicken, turkey, fish, shellfish, or veggie protein.
Lean ham can be used as a cold cut option. It is also on the Money-Saver diet menu. However, it is not suggested because of high sodium content.