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Selected quotes from Herman Tarnower M.D

"I, personally, explain the Scarsdale Medical Diets phenomenal popularity in two words, 'It works'. (p.1)

Studying other diets and their faults and flaws, I came to the conclusion that they were too complicated or too slow, overly demanding, or had other defects that turned people away.

Thus the Scarsdale Medical Diet (SMD) evolved. A great deal went into creating it, but essentially my guides were medical knowledge gained through years of medical practice, day-to-day experience with all kinds of patients, and just plain common sense. (p.2)

I have practiced medicine in Scarsdale, New York for over 40 years. My offices are in the Scarsdale Medical Center, which I built 19 years ago. The name came from the Scarsdale location- thats its only significance. The Scarsdale Medical Diet by any other name would be just as effective. (p.142)

"A good diet must be palatable, safe, satisfying and uncomplicated. It must show results in a reasonably short period of time. And most important of all, it must help to develop a lifetime pattern of good eating habits so that the weight will stay lost.

...Following the SMD exactly as written is a discipline that can be the beginning of good dietary habits that will keep you trim through your lifetime."

"This is a basic weight loss plan for adults who have no special dietary needs or problems.

All the Scarsdale Medical Diets are designed to reduce adult women and men in normal health; all individuals, especially those with medical problems, and pregnant women, should not go on this or any other diet without the full approval of their personal physician.

It is always prudent for your physician to approve and supervise your diet, and I so advise, even if you know you are in good health. Your physician knows much more about you than a stranger writing a book in Scarsdale, NY. It is my experience, however, that an otherwise healthy person, no matter how far-out his eating habits may have been, can follow the SMD and be reasonably comfortable with it."


Members Add:

"I often wonder (if Dr. Tarnower were still alive)if he would have ever updated this diet and do any modifications. It does work well, but I'm willing to bet that, with all the new products out there now since he wrote the original diet, there might be some more flavorful salad dressings, for example, that we could use. Or specific brands of bread that would work, or snacks that might fit in. Does anyone know if there has ever been an update to this diet, perhaps by someone else?" -betty