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Stalling & Gaining

Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys such great success on the Scarsdale Medical Diet.
Realistically, most people lose 7 - 15 pounds within a two week period.
If you find yourself stalling, or even gaining weight, dont despair - check this list and see if you cant troubleshoot your problem.

Stopping a stall or gain:
  • If you have been weighing every day (or more often), stop. Weigh again in three to five days.
  • Clean up / Pare down your diet to the bare minimum - check your use of condiments, especially SALT.
  • EAT MORE PROTEIN - increase your portions of meat, poultry, fish or veg protein.
  • Check that your calories are at least 850-1000 day - decreasing your calories any lower can cause your metabolism to slow down, or shut down. Use for your calculations.
  • Raise or reduce your drinking water to 64oz a day  - drinking more than this can cause bloating or water retention, and dilute digestive juices.
  • Avoid diet sodas, they have a bloating effect for some, and slow digestion by giving your kidneys one more thing to process.
  • Cut out broth as a snack- Its a luxury item, its not part of the diet. It may also be loaded with sodium and msg.
  • Choose celery over carrots
  • Dont substitute ANY fruits or vegetables listed for a while
  • Dont use fat free salad dressings or butter replacements
  • Recheck the info on your bread - may be too high carb - also make sure your bread is always eaten TOASTED.
  • Cut out sugarless candy, gum
  • Dont overuse artificial sweetener
  • Get more exercise - but not TOO much. Overexertion can cause muscles to retain water. Also, muscle weighs more than fat by volume, so you might want to measure yourself to see if you're getting SMALLER, even though your weight is staying the same (or increasing)
  • Get more sleep (7 hrs a night minimum, 9 hrs a night maximum)
  • Are you taking any medication? This can stall many people.
  • (Ladies) Is it your Time of the Month? Most dieters won't lose weight during their menstrual cycles. However, they generally dont gain any weight, even if they usually do during this time. Stick with the diet during your period, and the weight loss will catch up to you by the end of the week.