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Cheese & Dairy

Q: When I eat "assorted cheese slices" can I eat any kind of cheese, including Brie and other rich cheeses?
A: If you are losing weight rapidly on the Diet, then such indulgence is permissible. Otherwise, select low-fat cheeses."(p.39)

One ounce: Calories: Fat (grams) Saturated Fat (grams)
cottage cheese, low fat, 1/2 cup 82 1.2 <1
farmer 100 28 6
parmesan, grated, 2 tablespoons 46 3.0 2.0
mozzarella, part skim 79 4.9 3.1
goat, soft 76 6.0 4.1
feta 75 6.0 4.2
mozzarella 90 7.0 4.4
American 106 8.9 5.6
provolone 100 7.5 4.8
Swiss 107 7.8 5.0
blue 100 8.1 5.3
muenster 104 8.5 5.4
cheddar 114 9.4 6.0
ricotta, part skim, 1/2 cup 171 9.8 6.1
havarti 120 11 7
ricotta, whole milk, 1/2 cup 216 16.1 10.3

"Pot" cheese, is similar to farmer's cheese. It is a drier cottage cheese that has been pressed.
During Keep Trim, you are permitted to have eggs any style -but no more than three a week - prepared without butter, margarine, oils, other fats; enjoy scrambled eggs, omlets, boiled, hard cooked, poached, fried (in a little instant chicken broth, or a skillet coated with non-stick vegetable spray.)

Milk & Dairy Products

During Keep Trim eating, use skim or low-fat milk, low-fat or fat free yogurt (no sugar), Cheese (cheddar, swiss, american, camembert, etc (preferably low-fat & part-skim) & low-fat cottage if you wish, in moderation.

Don't use cream, whole milk, ice cream, ice milk, frozen custard, sherbert, or any frozen products that contain sugar or milk fats.