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Hungry? Legal Extras
Q: You don't list any soups on the Diet-are they forbidden?
A :"No. Low-calorie soups such as consomme, no-fat vegetable soup, onion soup, borscht (see recipes) are excellent, and I would encourage you to add them. They have not all been placed on the menus because they are apt to complicate the simple meals." (p.44)
[You can make a satisfying soup snack by adding diced carrots, onion, celery & herbs to low-sodium vegetable broth.]

Q:Can I scramble my eggs in butter, margarine or bacon fat?
A: "No, coat the pan with non-stick vegetable spray, or with a little chicken broth-no need for any fats."(p.40)

Q: May I use herbs, seasonings, and spices on my food on the Diet, and a little grated onion or minced parsely or such?
A: "By all means". (p.41)

Q: I've never been able to eat much for breakfast; may I have my breakfast slice of protein toast instead as a snack between meals, or at another meal? A: Perfectly alright. (p.152)
[you can add the breakfast toast to another meal that has the bread listed to "double up" and make a sandwich - very satisfying!]

Q: Can I sprinkle a little grated cheese on my scrambled eggs, salads, and vegetables?
A: "Yes, but the key words in your question are "a little". If you load the servings with cheese, you won't lose as rapidly. Again, use good sense-check your progress on the scale each morning."(p.41)

Q: May I have some pickle slices, or pickle relish and olives with lunch and dinner?
A: "Yes, in moderation. Limit yourself to four small olives or three jumbo olives of any type." (p.41)
Make sure the pickle relish does not contain sugar or corn syrup.

Q: May I use some ketchup, chili sauce, cocktail sauce, and mustard on meat and fish and other servings?
A: "Yes-once more, use the additives moderately. If you like mustard to enhance various servings, try a little of the tasty varieties available, such as tarragon mustard. (see the mustard dressing recipe.)" (p.41)
It is recommended that you use one of the low carb sugar free ketchups or BBQ sauces now available.

Q:When I have tunafish or canned salmon, can I put celery into it?
A:"Yes, if it makes it tastier for you, add celery and carrots, chopped parsely, squeeze some lemon or lime juice-use your creativity." (p.40)

Q: Lunch on your Wednesday Diet menu calls for tunafish. Is it all right if I cut up the carrots and celery and mix them in with the tuna fish?
A:"A woman called from Canada to ask this question and I have had similar ones from Cleveland, Washington and Scarsdale. It sounds simplistic but it isn't. It springs from a misinterpretation of certain newspaper articles about the Scarsdale Medical Diet which led some people to beleive that any slight alteration would destroy the "chemistry" of the Diet.
The Scarsdale Medical Diet contains a carefully selected, sound effective combination of protein, fats, and carbohydrates. Its unique quality lies in the fact that it is basically simple to follow; you are not hungry while dieting and you lose weight. But the Diet is not alchemy-mix two parts zucchini, one part heart of toad, a dash of tuna fish- and presto, dietary gold! It is a good combination of healthful foods, a "just right" combination, if you will, but it is not a chemical formula. Putting the carrots and celery in with the tuna fish is of no consequence."(p.139)

Our Members Suggest:

"I would sometimes save the breakfast slice of bread and add it to a different meal on the same day, and it had no detrimental effect on the diet, whatsoever. One thing I very much enjoyed doing was to combine two slices of Friday's bread allowance (on Friday you can have a slice at all three meals) and make a toasted cheese sandwich
at lunchtime. I would use the breakfast slice for lunch, and still have one with the fish at dinnertime. Eating a sandwich once a week gave me something to look forward to".-Betty
"Since the book allows some low-fat yogurt in the Mustard Sauce Henri, I occasionally use yogurt or fat-free sour cream in dressings, too -- just a small amount. I also occasionally use fat-free mayo (1-2 teaspoons), butter buds, and I make salad dressing using a tablespoon of fat-free mayo for a whole bottle, just to give it some body. I also fix crunchy jicama sticks instead of carrots, since the nutrition counts are similar. The diet allows relish, so I imagine dill (not sweet) pickles are ok, too --they're just cumbers and vinegar. But they have SO much sodium, you can put on a lot of water weight fast. I just bought a Foreman grill because others in this group raved about it, and I love it! I grill chicken or fish without sauces, but then top it with a fat-free cilantro pesto that I make in the blender, or if fruit is allowed that meal, I use some to make a mango, pineapple or papaya salsa.
These are things that have worked for me, but if I find I'm gaining or not losing, I cut out the "extras" for a couple of days to make sure they're not slowing me down. Probably I would lose faster without them, but for me it's a "quality of life" issue! So far I've been lucky. -Simone