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Two-On, Two-Off

If at the end of two weeks on the Keep-Trim Program, you need to lose more pounds, return for 2 more weeks to SMD. Under this unique Two-on-Two-Off program, you continue to lose weight safely and sensibly until you reach your desired weight.
The rapid loss weeks are spelled by periods of slower loss."

Q: On my second round on the SMD, when I substitute the Gourmet, Money -Saver, Vegetarian and International Diets, can I alternate days one to the other if I wish?
A: "Yes, but always subsitute the same day-for example, Vegetarian Monday for Gourmet Monday, and so on." (p.152)

Here's all you have to do in order to get down to your desired weight swiftly and surely:
1. Start with 2 weeks ON the SMD.
2. Then switch to 2 weeks OFF the Diet and on Keep-Trim Eating.
3. If you need to lose more weight, go back ON the SMD or ON your choice of the other four alternate diets listed.
4. After 2 weeks ON one of the 5 SMD diets, switch again to 2 weeks OFF dieting and on Keep Trim Eating once more.
5. Continue this Two-On, Two- Off program until you are at your desired weight.
"I am looking and feeling much better, but want to lose 15 more pounds. Can I continue on the Scarsdale Medical Diet for 2 weeks right now?"
No - you cannot extend the two weeks of the SMD to 4 consecutive weeks. 
It is very important to be developing good lifetime eating habits. Switch to the "holding pattern" for the next 2 weeks - the Keep-Trim Program.