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Drinking a lot of water is usually a good habit. However, on the SMD, take fluids as desired-as your own body dictates. The moderately increased ketone production does not require drinking a specified quanitiy of water or other liquids. (p.31)

You may enjoy any type of coffee (Italian espresso, dark French roast, etc) at any time- always without sugar, cream or milk added; sugar substitute may be used. Dont drink any instant coffee which is prepared with sugar, powdered milk, or cream (Check the ingredients on packages.)  [Decaf or regular], either may be used, its a matter of personal choice. (p.35)

Q: Is plain club soda with a slice of lemon or lime-permitted?
A: Yes, its an excellent, thirst-quenching drink.

Q: Can I have all the no-sugar diet soda I want every day?
A: Yes, in whatever variety of flavors you like. Of course, dont drown yourself in diet sodas. You may substitute diet sodas for coffee or tea at any meal. They make a refreshing in-between meal drink, too. (p.35)

Have the tea of your choice: spiced tea, exotic teas from all over the world (Darjeeling, Jasmine and others), Herb Teas (Peppermint, wintergreen, sassafras, and others)
served hot or iced, as long as they are not prepared with any kind of sugar, honey or other caloric sweeteners. You may add a lemon slice, cinnamon stick, or spices, as desired. Dont use any instant teas that have sugar added; those sweetened by a sugar substitute are fine. (p.37)

Q:When I'm on the Scarsdale Medical Diet, and can't have an alcoholic drink, is there a special non-alcoholic drink I can enjoy, particularly at a cocktail lounge or bar, or at a party?
A:"Yes, a number of dieters are enjoying what is becoming known all over as the "Scarsdale Special Highball"
It's easy to mix-just plain soda (domestic or imported brands), ice and a chunk of lemon or lime in a tall, frosted glass. It's very dry and refreshing, and looks as alcoholic as a gin-tonic or vodka-tonic.....It does help to be drinking something while others around you are sipping from their glasses."(p.42)
Q: Must I drink coffee or tea on the Diet? I dont usually drink them.
A: No, drink plain water, club soda, no-sugar diet sodas of any flavor.(p.38)
During Keep Trim, you may enjoy 1 small alcoholic drink a day
(1 1/2oz liquor, 4.5 oz dry wine, 8 oz light beer)

Our Members Suggest:


Drink herbal teas! There is something so soothing, so comforting, and warming about holding a steaming mug of tea and sipping it slowly.
I even find peace in the act of making the tea. Very Zen! Its also GREAT aromatherapy for lifting your spirits and relaxing you.