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Protein Bread

Protein bread has a delicious, nutty flavor and tastes especially good toasted. I suggest that you munch it in very small bites to fully enjoy it.

If protein bread is not available, you may substitute whole wheat bread (as dense as possible), or gluten bread. (see list below)

Keep the protein bread in the freezer, and take out and toast a slice at a time.
Use the bread in any form you wish. For example, note the delicious recipe for Protein Croutons.

Eat your slice of protein toast as a snack between meals, or at another meal instead of breakfast.

Our Members Suggest:

Substitutes for Protein Bread

In the SMD book nutritional info charts, the protein bread is listed as having 45 cals, 2.5 protein, and 8.5 carbs per slice. Use these figures as a guideline when finding a comparable substitute.
Also, check the ingredients and avoid buying bread that contains sugar, honey, molasses and other sweeteners. Under carbohydrates, grams of sugar should be less than 1 per serving.
The first ingredient of your bread should begin with "100% whole"
If you cant have wheat go for the spelt or another grain bread. Again, they sell these at the health food store.
Never substitute with white bread!
Whole grains break down into sugar in the blood a slower rate, meaining you will have a steady supply of energy.
White bread lacks fiber, breaks down quickly and has the same effect on sugar levels in the blood as does table sugar
The advantage of toasting is that it breaks down the gluten protein a bit, making it easier to digest.
If you burn your toast, throw it away. Burnt food is high in carcinogenic (cancer-causing) compounds.
Keep your bread in the freezer and toast one slice at a time, so it stays fresh all week, and makes it hard to overeat!
Double wrap the loaf before freezing to avoid freezer burn.