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What is permissible to change?

Basic Rule #1
1. Eat exactly what is assigned. Don't substitute.
"Q: Are there no substitutes whatsoever permitted on the diet? Suppose I cant get one of the foods listed?
A: In one form or another, this is probably the most frequently repeated question. While it may seem like splitting hairs to some, I think it is important to follow the diet as written. Your attitude toward a diet is an important ingredient in the success or failure of that diet for you. When you start playing fast and loose with it, youre on your way off the Diet. (p.32)
"Of course, as I have said elsewhere in this book, common sense is also an important ingredient in the SMD. If, for some reason, you are stymied and cant get the spinach or zucchini that is called for that day, then obviously the sensible thing to do is to substitute a similar food from another day". (p.33)
Use your best judgement and refer to the basic rules to help you stay on the diet.
One of the greatest features of this diet is that everything has been carefully planned out for you. You are supposed to simply follow the diet as written, and not make any substiutions, for the plan to work most effectively. However, many members are always looking for ways they can change the diet and make it their own! Keep in mind that once you start changing things around, it can be difficult to be strict and disciplined when you need to.
  • Meat protein can be substituted with a chicken, turkey, fish, shellfish, or veggie protein for any lunch or dinner meal.
  • Poultry protein can be substituted with a fish, shellfish, or veggie protein, for any lunch or dinner meal.
  • Vegetables listed can be substituted with a similar veggie if allergies or unavailability prevents you from having what is listed.
  • Grapefruit may be replaced any day by fruit in season (read fruit link)
"Q: Im allergic to grapefruit , and I hate zucchini. Do I have to eat it if I dont like it?
A: Same old question again in a slightly different guise. If youre allergic to grapefruit or anything else on the Diet, of course you dont eat it. As for not liking what is on the Diet, thats something else again. Obviously, you arent going to stay on a diet long enough to profit from it, if you gag every time you think about zucchini or green pepper, or whatever. By the same token, remember that part of the purpose of this Diet and, certainly and important aspect of its ultimate value to you, is that it should help you to change your eating habits. If youre going to give up some of those golden oldies, youre going to have to be developing enjoyment in new tastes. Teach yourself to like some of these foods, if you dont already". (p.34)

Members Suggest:
"I have substituted vegetables myself with good results. Just be sure to substitute something similiar for example as with the spinach, if you don't like it, use broccoli or some other dark green vegetable. Good luck to you" - Debbie