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Q: If I start the SMD on Monday, and eat a rich dinner on Saturday, does that ruin the whole week's benefits?
A: "It doesn't 'ruin' the effectiveness of the Diet, but it is damaging and can slow up your weight loss considerably. (p.36)

Q: I feel terribly guilty-at breakfast with the family I let go and ate three sweet coffee rolls and six slices of buttered toast; what should I do, starve for a few days?
A:"We all have our failings. Fortunately, your derliction is not catastrophic. Start over again, determined to succeed." (p.144)

Q: I diet and lose weight, a pound a day, Monday through Thursday, then put it all back on and more over our social weekend; any solution?
A:"Your dilemma is a frequent one. If you find it impossible to follow the SMD on weekends I would suggest that you stick to the Keep Trim Eating guidelines on those days."(p.145)

"If you don't feel well at any point, STOP. Go to Keep Trim eating for a day or two, then return to the SMD. Start again with Day 1. If you continue to feel poorly, stop at once, and see your physician." (p.37)

"Always keep KTP (Keep-Trim Program) in mind for a slower loss, and 'cheat' only when you know you can afford it." (p.31)

"I personally weigh myself every day to see how much I can cheat. I have no objection to your going off the Keep-Trim guidelines as you are down to a proper weight. Set a goal that you feel you must reach before you start cheating." (p.146)

Members Suggest:
"This diet does work as long as you don't cheat...after all you are only cheating yourself. I consider that making these little sacrifices is well worth the weight you lose.
For all the people complaining of not losing fast, remember you didn't gain the weight in 4-6 weeks so don't expect to lose it that fast. I have been suprised as to how this diet has made me conscious about what I eat nowadays...It has really changed my eating habits. Good Luck to All. -Richard