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"If sitting is your 'activity', I recommend that you mend your ways quickly! Always remember that a trim, healthy body is the product of a total life style that combines both the right kind of eating and activity." (p.14)

"I recommend, if at all possible, that you walk briskly at least two miles a day. If you enjoy swimming, golf, tennis, and other sports, go to it." (p.36)

"Keep moving, keep walking. A favorite reccomendation of a fine physician was: 'Don't lie down if you can sit...don't sit if you can stand...don't stand if you can walk.'
Walking briskly not only uses up some calories, it can help you enjoy life more." (p.135)

"Extensive research has indicated that approximately 300 calories a day should be expended through some type of physical activity. Walking, swimming, golf and tennis are good choices." (p.150)

"I beleive it is important to avoid exercises that build huge muscle masses unless you are engaged in an occuptaion that requires unusual muscular ability. Enjoy your exercises, but pursue those sports that give you satisfaction." (p.151)

"Moderate exercise such as walking, swimming, tennis or other sports will help you overcome [feeling] weak and listless." (p.146)

Members Suggest:
"I walk for one hour per day and I do it as many days per week I can. I use the track at the high school. It is a quarter mile track so I do 16 laps in the hour. I must walk fast and jog on the straight part of the track to get my 4 miles in during that hour. I use a heart rate monitor so I can stay in the target zone. When I first started my heart rate would go right up there without too much effort but as I get in better shape it takes more work (like jogging) to get it there. Today for my workout I did 2 1/2 hours of  yardwork so I won't walk today. I also do stretching before and after walking and I use weights and a body ball to workout on the days I don't walk. It hasn't even been 5 months yet and I have lost 54 pounds".- Debbie
"I'm approaching my second week on the diet and I've
lost 8lbs! I've tried this diet before but back then,
the weight wasn't coming off as quickly as it is this
time around. I feel really great and I believe what is
helping me is working out on the elliptical trainer
between lunch and dinner for 30mins 5 days week. I
truly believe that even when dieting and consuming low
cals/fat, exercise is an important factor for rapid
results and a greater sense of wellbeing...." -aveda
"Tarnower says you don't have to exercise to lose weight, but he does suggest at least a mile walk every day to increase your activity level...this is for basic health and well-being. Any exercise you do will help--the more the better, but you don't HAVE to do it to lose weight on this diet. It's so great how quickly and well it works. By the time you reach your goal, you will want to me. The energy just flows through you, lots of girls on this list can back me up here! (Any Men?) I can never get
my husband to even try it for a day, but my brother and my best friend's hubby have lost when they tried it. (about 40 pounds each) Just do what you can--start slow and increase the time as you go...."
"I could run around all day today outside with my 2 and a half year old without getting pooped. I used to hate going outside--now it's fun! Question was is 6 days too much? I doubt that it depends on what you are doing and for how long. I worked out to the old Jane Fonda 30 minute workout tape from the 80s to lose the 100lbs only three days a week. Now, I am using the whole Winsor Pilates tape series to tone up my midsection (aka--powerhouse). For far, I have
gotten stronger and lost a few inches doing it every other day--no exceptions. Sometimes that means three days a week and sometimes it's four. I do about an hour of Pilates (stationary free weights, tummy, legs, butt, and thigh exercises) and 20-25 minutes of either treadmill or rowing machine to get my heart rate up and burn calories. No way I have time for six days a week with two kids...I had to negotiate every minute with my husband--but he loves the
results. If you have the time and energy for six days--go right ahead. But you don't need to do that much to use the weight--just to build up muscle tone so you look good after you lose it! Helpful, I hope? :-)" -Octavia