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Metabolism and Ketones Play a Major Role

"A carefully designed combination of foods can increase the fat-burning process in the human system, and this means weight loss. The SMD provides such a combination of foods and, with the increased metabolism of fats, makes it possible to lose an average of a pound or more each day.

Two words, metabolism and ketones are central to weight loss in a good diet.
Sometimes, especially under proper dieting conditions, the body gets ahead of itself by burning up more fat than it does ordinarily. When this happens, your body produces an excess of ketones.

Ketones are sometimes referred to as the products of partially burned (or metabolized) fat. If you are not taking in enough carbohydrates or fats to supply your caloric needs, your system first draws upon your stored body fat to supply your energy needs.
But your body does not succeed in completely consuming all the fat it attempts to metabolize in your cells. The waste products of this process - the partially burned fat, or "ashes"- are called ketones. If you are producing them, it is a sign that your body is burning off fat at an accelerated rate; you are enjoying Fast Fat Metabolism.

And that is what we want- the utilization of fat stores for calories and energy. Pulling excess fat out of the fat storage areas is an integral part of an effective reducing process; your body becomes a fat-burning machine.

One of the best things about ketones for the would-be weight loser is that they act to curb the appetite, thus making the whole dieting process less burdensome and cutting down any need you might feel for appetite- depressing drugs.

Ketones are washed out of the system through the urine. This diuretic effect is a helpful, cleansing part of the increased fat-burning process.

The foods allowed on the SMD provide what has proved to be an effective combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The combination of foods you eat daily on the Diet causes increased body fat metabolism and the production of ketones, but not at more thatn a desireable level for the average adult in normal health.

The reducing diet causing ketosis never rises to levels that might be dangerous except in the following conditions: severe, uncontrolled diabetes; third trimester pregnancy, alcholism (the problem in the alcoholic is complicated and not fully understood).

In alcoholism, ketosis is readily reversed with glucose or insulin. In any case, as I caution repeatedly, those who have serious medical disorders, particularly alcoholism and diabetes, should diet only under a personal physician's supervision."

Herman Tarnower, M.D. & Samm Sinclair Baker
Chapter 3, The Complete Scarsdale Medical Diet