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The Complete Scarsdale Medical Diet  - Herman Tarnower, M.D and Samm Sinclair Baker

So, you've heard about the Scarsdale Medical Diet and people that have lost up to 20 pounds in 2 weeks, and you want to give it a try or learn more? You've come to the right place.
Begin by reading through the links on the left. Almost all the answers to your questions can be found there.
*** Look for the blue text for "member suggestions" throughout the site for great ideas from experienced and successful dieters!
Here is the way this program works:
  • Follow the Scarsdale Medical Diet (SMD) strictly for two weeks, and enjoy fast weight loss (7 - 15 pounds average).
  • Switch to Keep Trim Eating for two weeks, where you plan your own menus for two weeks, with a list of additional foods permitted, and higher calories.
  • Go back on SMD again for another two weeks of strict low calorie eating, followed with another two weeks of Keep Trim.
  • Repeat this cycle until your goal is reached.
  • Follow the principles of the Lifetime Keep-Slim Program for ongoing maintenance.
If you have any questions you can't find the answers to,
post them on the SMD Support Group message board:
Search the archives first, then post your question for member help!
Good Luck to Everyone!

Please Note:
Throughout this site are excerpts from "The Complete Scarsdale Medical Diet", by Herman Tarnower, M.D and Samm Sinclair Baker, 1978 Bantam paperback edition.
Anyone wishing to follow these plans should order a copy of the book to read through in its entirety.

Be advised that any listing of "The Scarsdale Diet" which includes appetite suppressants and diet pills are innacurate, as they are not part of this program. As with any weight loss program, visit your physician before starting

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